Where do Talan products come from and where is Talan based?

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The international corporation TALAN Group comes from Ukraine and possesses currently 3 product places. More on this in “About Us”.

Where can I buy Talan products?

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The whole range of Talan safety shoes can be found at our website and in our current catalogue. You are welcome to request a current catalogue here.

How high are shipping costs?

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The shipping costs depend on how much shoes are there in your order. For more information please contact us here.

What shoe sizes do you offer?

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Depending on the shoe, Talan offers sizes from 36 to 47. Not all shoes are available in all sizes.

How do I find the right shoes?

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The easiest way to do this is by using the shoe filter. This allows you to specify how your shoe should look, what size you need, what protection class meets the requirements for your work, what material your shoe should be, and much more. Important: Use is important for choosing the perfect work shoes. Using the shoe filter, you can determine which properties and requirements are important for your special uses.

What safety classes are there and how do they differ?

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Our safety shoes are separated into 5 protection classes

SB / S1 / S1P / S2 / S3 

safety shoes are all governed by the standard EN ISO 20345:2011.

The anti-slip soles also meet the basic requirements in accordance with SRA, SRB or SRC, as well as having a protective toe cap. Safety shoes are developed for a range of working requirements. Depending on the safety class for which the shoe was conceptualized, there are fundamental differences. An S3 safety shoe must keep water out for at least an hour, water-resistance is not even a criterion for an S1 safety shoe. There are also differences in the quality of the soles - whether puncture-resistant soles, fuel-resistant soles or profiled outer soles.

More information on the different safety classes is provided in an overview under.

What is meant by S1P?

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S1P models expand on the features of safety shoes to include puncture-resistant soles.

Here you can find an overview the S1P features.

What are antistatic shoes

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Antistatic describes protection against electrical charging. If shoes have a resistance higher than 100 kilo-ohm, they are classified as antistatic. For our range of antistatic shoes, please go to.

What is standard EN ISO 20345?

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The European standard EN ISO 20345 separates safety shoes into different classes of protection. Basic requirements of the standard for optimum protection apply to the upper material (leather, rubber or other synthetic materials) and the toe cap (steel, aluminium or plastic). The anti-slip quality of the soles is also crucial. Work shoes which only meet the basic requirements of the standard EN ISO 20345, are identified with the protection class SB. The individual protection classes expand upon these basic requirements with specific features.