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About Us

Talan is a part of global TALAN Group.

our history

Nowadays, TALAN Group has achieved the production volume of around 3 Mln pairs of safety shoes annually. There are two footwear factories, seven sales houses through all over the world, two certified laboratories and the successful story since 1923.
Found in 2014, Talan GmbH has got already the reputation as decent partner among many European countries.
We offer our partners a wide range of safety shoes with accredited quality in protection classes OB, S1, S1P, S2 and S3, particularly kind of ankle boots and low shoes. The reliability of our technologies has been approved by many years of experience.

Our philosophy

is a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients. We rely on an excellent, competent and ambitious team, with particular expertise in various areas of the production line. Everyone of them contributes to the achievement of our quality targets and to the implementation of the innovations our customers require.

Our vision

we want to protect the workers in the whole world with safety shoes of decent quality like we have done since 1923. High safety, ergonomic features and comfort combined with appealing design for reasonable price is our production philosophy. Personal protection should be accessible to everyone - as your safety is of highest priority for us.

Our Core Values

  • Mutual respect with our partners
  • Trust worth relationship
  • Sincerity in dealing
  • Responsibility in all areas
  • Flexibility
  • Social responsibility.

There are 10 less known FACTS ABOUT US

1. We value HUMAN life

FYI, the average NO of company’s employees about 2500 90% of them on permanent basis engaged into company’ process at 2 production facilities & 7 sales houses & 2 certified labs and others departments.
If to make easy calculation & approximate assuming that each MEMBER of companyhas family of at least 2 people more,
It means above 7000 HUMAN lives have longterm security & stability!

2. We value DIVERSITY at our company

And it something what we PROUD OF!

3. We value SCALE of our business activity.

Once we counted NUMBER of countries we are working in & engaging our business with,
And it is more than 50 (!) …. Yes, more than 50.
How many & how fast could you remember another companies, which are working with such a SCALE ?! :)

4. We value of being THE MANUFACTURER.

All of us know what ADDITIONAL VALUE means,
Yet do yo know that TALAN has counted numbers of steps from IDEA about to get some model till some PARTICULAR pair of shoes is being produced,
And the TOTAL number of OPERATIONS and steps in ADDING VALUE reaches 1000 (!)…. Yes, it reaches such figures.
Means people are generating ideas, putting efforts, at some stage it coverts into funds , at some steps it converts from materials into semi product, at some stage it converts from semi product into FINAL PACKED ready pair of SAFETY shoes to use by end consumer.

5. We value of being STRUCTURE ,

To keep the production at the level of 3 000 000 pairs annually, it does not happen accidentally, NO!
It consist from HUNDREDS production & procurement& sales reports on DAILY & WEEKLY & MONTHLY & QUARTERLY basis
It consist from DAYS& NIGHTS of HARD work of our production& financial & procurement teams to COMBINE YOUR ORDERS into BEST possible quality & price COMBO, BEST possible delivery time etc.
It consist from 24/7 RUNNING production, Non STOP, only for maintenance& prevention purposes. We are quite a BIG STRUCTURE:)

6. We value of being SOCIAL oriented company, YET USUALLY WE DON'T MAKE HUGE ADVERTISING ON IT,

But now, you can get some ideas what means for us SOCIAL orientation -
Approximately, 1000 staff having free of cost lunch at our production facilities,
Approximately, 1500 staff having free of cost transport coverage to get work at time & back home safely,
Approximately, 150 staff has has DIRECT financial support from company like for purchasing homes, covering expensive medical treatments for their loved ones etc.
And these figures can go far ahead. This what means for us SOCIAL orientation.

7/ We value the LAWS at countries, regions, where we are working at,

From MILLIONS dollars annual taxes & whole "white" EXIM (EXPORT - IMPORT) business activity worldwide ,

Till THOUSANDS of our employees, engaged as per strict laws prescriptions.

8. We value SYSTEMATICAL modernization of PRODUCTION MEANS & implementing fresh TECHNOLOGIES

Approximately, 5 000 000 dollars were invested into production within just last 5 years, for being able to offer our customers better quality product.

Among others WORLD WIDE know-hows technologies, GORE - TEX technology was SUCCESSFULLY implemented few years ago.

9. We value HOMELAND security , that why we support MINISTRY of DEFENSE in UKRAINE

with providing military shoes with so far best range of quality in the world, waterproof & yet breath-full membrane GORE - TEX

10. We value HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with our partners!

We are clear about our vision in SUPPORTING our partners worldwide,

We clear about working on your inquire & demands !


HOPE now, you get more clear idea of WHO WE ARE !


Such leading event like exhibition in Paris, directed linked to HOMELAND security ,
OUR TALAN SHOES are there too , more details on link bellow: