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Our Warranty
Our Warranty
Six Months Guarantee
Our Warranty
Our Warranty

Our Warranty / Care instructions

Talan offers a six (6) months guarantee against manufacturing and material defects for items purchased from authorized Talan dealers. All faulty TALAN safety shoes, resulting despite user’s normal use, will be replaced at no charge during the warranty period. However, if any of malfunctions are caused by user carelessness, inadequate maintenance, or natural disaster, we will provide replacement services for a fee regardless of warranty period.

Boot Care Instructions:

Keep footwear clean

Keep leather free of dust and debris by wiping boot down with a damp towel. This will keep the dust or debris from extracting essential oils from the leather and ensure the leather does not become dry or brittle, causing the leather to crack. Clean mud and dirt from the bottom of slip-resistant shoes so they maintain their traction.

No chemicals

If chemicals make contact with your boots, make sure to wash off the chemicals as soon as possible to prevent chemicals from having adverse effects on leather.

Keep leather supple

When you see signs of fatigue in leather like a dull finish, scratches, scrapes and abrasion use a leather conditioner (boot oil or grease, mink oil, or even baby oil, etc.) to restore oil back into the leather so that the leather has a soft and supple “hand”.

Let shoe dry

Do not put socks or any other thing / object in to shoe after working day. A worker can perspire as much as 200 milliliters of moisture into a boot or shoe when involved in heavy activity. Such moisture not only can eat away at the boot but also can cause discomfort and blisters for the workers. Let shoe dry. If it's feasible, purchase two pairs and rotate between the two pairs every working day. By giving each pair of boots a day to rest, you allow the moisture to evaporate and dry out.

Selecting Proper Safety Footwear

Often when safety shoes fail to meet expectations it's because the shoes weren't appropriate for the job task. Safety professionals can ensure that workers are outfitted with the right shoes or boots by conducting a hazard assessment for each job task to determine what kind of foot protection is needed for each job. This will ensure you get the most out of your boots. Like all thing the more care you put into your boots the longer wear you will get from your boots. When in need of warranty services, send detailed description via e-mail, on company letterhead, describe an issue, with mentioning model name of TALAN safety shoe, date of manufacturing and invoice date. Picture of damage shoe should be attached.