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AirFlex Boots Blue

  • Completely metal-free
  • Upper fabric HT PET with nylon thread, microfiber 
  • Cordura® textilе tongue
  • Spig Tex and Mesh combined lining 
  • Removable insole with Shock Absortion properties 
  • Kevlar antistatic MaxFlex ESD midsole
  • fiberCap for less weight with perfect protection
  • Antistatic, oil-resistant, slipresistant PU-TPU 
  • Grip control sole from BASF®, with Flex-zones
  • Shock Absortion AirBag System 
  • staBene last for more comfort
  • Reflective insterts

Upper materials
Upper material is made according to the Eco Friendly environmental standard. The fabric is based on a very strong nylon thread in combination with a thread made of recycled PET. It penetrates the material evenly and has no additional coating that can deteriorate during operation. It is a very strong and at the same time light material. HT PET provides the best textile benefits in terms of breathability and wear resistance.

Wear resistance of upper materials
Our laboratory studies have shown that while the strongest fabric has an average abrasion resistance of 51,000 cycles, this revolutionary HT PET material reaches up to 1 million cycles! At the toe and heel part of the shoe Microfiber MICRO1949 is used. It is a high-strength protective material with a high breaking load. Given that the allowable rate of rupture is 51,000 cycles, laboratory studies have shown that this material can withstand 100 thousand cycles, and therefore provides additional protection against abrasion and rupture.

The new modern Grip control outsole provides the optimal combination of safety and comfort even during active use of shoes. The intermediate layer of polyurethane has antistatic additives, and the shock-absorbing properties dampen energy at intensive loadings. The running layer is a special composition of TPU, which also has antistatic properties. Thanks to modern technologies we have reached the optimal weight of the outsole, which directly affects the weight of all shoes. No less unique is the new development of the outsole. 85% of the tread is made of small triangles of equilateral shape, the edges of which are directed in different directions. This controls the foot position on a slippery or uneven surface. Each edge of such a triangle confidently restrains sliding in any direction. The front part of the outsole is divided into flex-zones to facilitate movement. The heel part has an optimal contact area with the surface, which provides better balance in a static position or in motion.

Water resistance
Thanks to the structure and special processing of HT PET material, the shoe has waterproof properties in accordance with S3 standards. The material density prevents water from penetrating the shoe. The steam is excreted at the molecular level – the foot breathes well, does not sweat, and therefore a sense of comfort accompanies the employee for a long time.

Shoe weight
According to our marketing research, all employees have a general need for lighter and more comfortable shoes, because they work in it for a long time. Usually, work shoes are less comfortable than everyday ones, so workers get tired faster. This is what inspired us to create a new series of AirFlex work safety shoes. The production of these shoes uses new technologies and modern materials that make the shoes even lighter. This provides a reliable level of protection and comfort for a long working process. The weight of the half-pair is around 490 grams.

Shock Absortion insole is a unique molded insole, complemented by comfortable properties, namely: soft Shock Absortion inserts on the foot support points and a silicone insert in the heel for greater walking comfort.

The outsole has shock-absorbing properties. An intermediate layer of foamed polyurethane dampens energy during walking and exercise. Feel confident and comfortable in any situation and under any conditions! Thanks to the special recipe, the chemical composition of the intermediate and outer layers of the sole, and with the help of modern technologies, we have achieved flexibility and optimal weight of the outsole, which directly affects the weight of all shoes.
Shock Absortion system: the heel part in of the midsole contains a shock-absorbing part with a permanent grip of 15 bar, made of special shock-absorbing fibers AirBag. Elasticly stretched fibers are pulled together inside the sealed AirBag. This detail softens the step and makes the foot movements smooth, absorbs the shock load when jumping from a height and reduces the load on the back by dampening excess energy, promotes better contact of the foot with the surface, stabilizing each step.

Toe cap
Protective, lightweight composite Toe cap of the new generation Toe Cover. Given the anatomical features of human foot, this cap has been designed to provide the shoes with enough free space. This reduces discomfort and compression of toes during use, especially under intense loads for a long time. Protects toes from impact by 200 Joules. Made in Italy.
*200 J – this energy reserve has a weight of 20.52 kg, falling from a height of 1 meter.

Reflective inserts
The reflective part is sewn into the side of the berets for safety in poorly lit areas. This is especially true when working in large warehouses, where there are many “blind” areas, so that a car driver car has time to respond to the presence of another warehouse worker; at inspection stations, gas stations, etc.

Protection classS3
Upperfabric HT PET with nylon thread, microfiber
LiningSpig Tex and Mesh combined lining
FootbedRemovable insole with Shock Absortion properties
Toe capFiber toe cap
MidsoleKevlar midsole

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