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Our history

Found in 1923

the small workshop has been growing until an influential Group of leading enterprises incorporating these days two footwear factories, seven sales houses through all over the world, two certified by local authorities laboratories, 2500 of staff who eager to grow further. Almost a century we have always been developing. Today we can proudly say that we reached the leadership in guaranteeing the security and safety of labor at many regions of the world.



is a Group of the leading industry enterprises, which produce more than 3.5 million pairs of safety and military footwear per year for workers of such industries like constructions, oil and gas, chemical industries, black and colored metallurgy, automotive assembling industry, transportation, energetic, agriculture industry

European Standards

During last decade the company had invested huge amount of funds for a new equipment, and its keep going and updating the production facility up to global trendy challenges of the safety shoes industry on annual basis. These days our production and products are certified.

Found in 2014, Talan GmbH has got already the reputation as decent partner among several European countries. The reliability of Talan GmbH is approved by partnership with companies through the whole Europe, e.g. in Germany, Greece, Portugal, Hungary etc.


is conviniently located in the northern part of Ukraine. Our company have purchased new equipment, more than $4,7 million invested in acquiring equipment from leading companies of Italy, Germany. In 2002, a serial production of the directly moulded method was started, which gave a unique possibility for local enterprises to use modern, comfortable and safe footwear with PU-PU and PU-TPU sole for security of their workers.